With Lions


Formed by vocalists Christian Celaya and Woody Ranere, and with the recent addition of Josh Thomas, With Lions is never at the mercy of a particular sound: Experimental, Electronic, Cinematic, Post-punk, Garage Blues. Changing their genre as they go along, With Lions have amassed a varied catalog of music across their multiple releases. Each release is a mini score featuring dark saturated harmonies and evocative rhythms inspired by many of their favorite recordings and film scores. With Lions covers a lot of ground, from the ambience and rawness of 1950’s Ronettes-swelled drumbeats to the industrial synth and anthemic stomp of Trent Reznor and Arcade Fire; even horns and strings have a place in the more orchestral tracks. An indie rock EP one release and homage to Hans Zimmer the next, With Lions captures each frame.